Total Quality Management

Quality Assurance


The chalenge of Innovation! Hippocratic EssentialsTM develops innovation models and systems that are suited to our circumstances and that reflect our corporate strategies. We focus on:

Finding the next big step

Avoiding disruption by unearthing emerging technologies and innovation trends

Building networks of collaborators to stay on top of leading-edge technology

Assessing the impact of new technologies on the business

Identifying growth opportunities

Attaining a position of technology leadership

Quality Assurance

The chalenge of Quality Assurance!

Hippocratic EssentialsTM has being developed under the Quality Assurance management values that establish and set requirements for developing and manufacturing reliable products.

Quality Assurance Management System ensures that everything that comes from our company, complies with the legal requirements and demands of our clients. We comply with the most stringent requirements in the market and we standardise our processes to the greatest extent possible, in order to constantly guarantee quality.

We provide our customers with high-quality products by promoting the items described below to popularize the concept of Customer Oriented and Improvement of Production Quality. This is meant to increase customer confidence and our company’s credibility.


The chalenge of Efficiency!

Hippocratic EssentialsTM manufactures products, offers services and meets each goal with the minimum of effort, expense or waste. This allows our company to allocate more resources to research and development, reduce costs and upgrade our TQM system.

We focus on:

Eliminating communication barriers affecting the company’s operation

Going digital

Creating an energy management program

Identifying key performance and productivity factors

Creating an accident and disaster management plan