Dried Rubbed Oregano

Wild and aromatic, Hippocratic EssentialsTM Greek dried rubbed Oregano (Origanum Vulgare ssp. hirtum) comes from the valley of Thessaly, in Central Greece.

A must on your Mediterranean dishes and salads but also fantastic over your roast meat, fish or vegetables, sauces and great for barbecues. The Greek Oregano pushes each dish over the top! Hippocratic EssentialsTM dried rubbed Oregano is a highly aromatic herb, that is rich and slightly bitter in taste. Oregano contains the highest content of vitamin C of all the herbs. Oregano is rich in E, K, A vitamins, manganese, magnesium, calcium, niacin, zinc and iron among others. In Greek cuisine, it is commonly used in tomato sauses, seasoning and for cooking vegetables and it is excellent for pizzas, salads, roast beef, sauces for meal and fish dishes, also with potatoes, vegetables in oil and many other things.

Product Features

Serving size 1 tbsp (2g)

0 calories

Product Cautions and Directions

Keep in a cool and dry place


100% Pure Oregano